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voilà presents

The world's best chefs at your table

Taste the mastery of the most prestigious and ambitious chefs in your own home. Explore the craft of Michelin awarded chefs and enjoy premium menu kits for the real home fine dining experience.

  Embark on a journey of all senses  

  "Food is meant to be a journey of all senses,  

  that leaves an ever lasting impression."  

Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau, Switzerland

Deeply rooted in nature and heritage – this is the cuisine of Caminada, the three star chef of Schloss Schauenstein. Inspired by the dramatic and riveting Alpine scenery of his home, Graubünden, chef Andreas' dishes will leave you spellbound.

Discover the voilà restaurant selection

From Barcelona to Rome

Some of the world's top chefs have reimagined their most iconic dishes for a unique at-home experience. Prepared by experts and shipped nationwide, the premium meal kits are perfect to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

From interactive tasting menus to ready-to-eat dishes – these meals will transform your kitchen into a Michelin-starred restaurant in minutes.

Xatruch, Castro & Casañas

Barcelona, Spain

Dominique Crenn

San Francisco, USA

Andreas Caminada

Fürstenau, Switzerland

  How it works  

Discover meals from top chefs and select your preferred delivery date.

The meals are delivered in an elegant, cooled box on your selected date.

All pre-prepared meals dishes are ready to heat, plate, and enjoy!

Our star-chef Signature meals

No cooking skills required. Simply unbox, heat, plate, and enjoy.

Ina Pintga Purziun

Chef Andreas Caminada

€ 79,00


Chefs Xatruch, Castro & Casañas

€ 79,00

The Crenn Kit Luxe

Chef Dominique Crenn

€ 79,00

What customers say

"Every ingredient is exceptional in quality and composition. The final taste is truly Michelin-star level and is completed within a few simple steps at home – simply great!!"

Christoph  - 8th MAY 2022

"What a vivid variety of flavors! We have never eaten closer to haute cuisine at home. The quality of the fish in the main course was terrific. Thanks for the sensational menu!"

Marcel  - 20th MAY 2022

"A great alternative to eating out at the restaurant. Stay at home, have fun plating like a chef and relax. Enjoy excellent dishes at your own pace and then roll straight into bed."

Isabella  - 28th NOV 2021

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